Employee & Pre Employment Screening Services

Take a pro-active approach to employee ethics

Rather than this reactive approach of only testing employees when something has gone wrong, consider using integrity testing as an integrated strategy to managing your employee's ethics.

Integrity testing in the workplace has been used for more than three decades in other countries. In fact, it was developed when using lie detectors was prohibited in the US. In South Africa, the demand for integrity testing in employee management has grown.

Accuracy and deterrent:

On average it is found that lie detections are 97% accurate. Where a clear outcome is not evident, tests are re-done.
It is also found that the mere fact that people believe or understand from Lie Detection Testing that the software will indicate or detect their lies, can also be a deterrent not to lie during interrogation. With Lionel Strong Lie Detections and Investigations, 30 years of experience in this field as a specialist, is also added to ensure that no mistakes are made.

Integrity Screening of existing staff (periodic Screening) :

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